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  • Hair Waver – Review & First Impressions

    Hair Waver – Review & First Impressions

    For months I have been trying to figure out how to get the perfect waves – not quite the crimped hair of my childhood but also a different look than what I usually create with my curling iron. Enter, the hair waver (waving iron? does this obnoxious looking device have an official name?) which after…

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  • not so boring black

    not so boring black

    You may have seen my post on how to make wearing all black more fun, so you know this is a topic close to my heart. Though it’s a classic look (and one that is super chic!) it can also be easy to get lost in all that dark clothing. I spent years in retail…

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  • Winter Wardrobe Essentials

    Winter Wardrobe Essentials

    Brrrr it’s cold out there! I’ve been freezing my butt off through this unusual cold snap. Sartorially, there is nothing harder than looking put together when it’s snowing. The past few weeks I have been rocking my oh-so-stylish massive men’s down jacket on the daily and definitely not looking my best. Hopefully things have taken…

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  • killing time 

    Do you guys wear watches? When I was growing up (back in the day before everyone had a cellphone, I’m old I know) people wore watches for practical reasons. Nowadays things are a little different, but I’ve seen a huge resurgence in watches lately all in the name of fashion. Though I love jewelry, I…

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  • this is how I got over my fear

    this is how I got over my fear

    If there’s one thing that may surprise you, it’s how shy I am in front of a camera. Or rather, in front of other people holding a camera! For the past few years I’ve been chief model, photographer (via tripod), writer and editor of this blog. I love having complete creative control, but it almost…

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  • why it’s better to be thinking fall

    why it’s better to be thinking fall

    I know, I know. After our less than stellar summer the last thing you want to think about now that the sun is shining is fall trends. That’s okay – I’m wearing the heck out of all my shorts, dresses and bikinis too! However, it is the right time to start planning for the season…

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  • the best way to rock (and roll) a band tee

    the best way to rock (and roll) a band tee

    The age old rock and roll fashion statement is a band tee, and it’s here for fall with full force. While I don’t wear graphic shirts too often, on this particular day I felt like channeling my inner Penny Lane and got really into it. Not one to be too grungy, I dressed up the…

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  • not so prairie girl

    not so prairie girl

    This combo of a floaty, loose peasant dress paired with sneakers got me through most of my days back home in Toronto last week. I could not believe how hot it was – I guess a few years in Vancouver make you forget about humidity and temperatures above 30 degrees.  This dress was perfect for…

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  • pulling off monotone 

    pulling off monotone 

    Going for a monotone outfit is a quick way to look chic and can even make you appear taller. You may already be a pro at pulling off all black looks, but head to toe white, grey or tan ensembles have been coming to the forefront of the fashion world. As it’s the entire focus…

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  • how to make the perfect denim cut offs

    how to make the perfect denim cut offs

    I’ve never understood how cut offs can be over $100…luckily all you need to make them yourself for less is an old pair of jeans and some sharp scissors. I’d recommend Value Village for a good selection of affordable second hand denim. Go with something a little bit roomy in the hip and leg area for…

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