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  • this is how I got over my fear

    this is how I got over my fear

    If there’s one thing that may surprise you, it’s how shy I am in front of a camera. Or rather, in front of other people holding a camera! For the past few years I’ve been chief model, photographer (via tripod), writer and editor of this blog. I love having complete creative control, but it almost…

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  • why it’s better to be thinking fall

    why it’s better to be thinking fall

    I know, I know. After our less than stellar summer the last thing you want to think about now that the sun is shining is fall trends. That’s okay – I’m wearing the heck out of all my shorts, dresses and bikinis too! However, it is the right time to start planning for the season…

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  • the best way to rock (and roll) a band tee

    the best way to rock (and roll) a band tee

    The age old rock and roll fashion statement is a band tee, and it’s here for fall with full force. While I don’t wear graphic shirts too often, on this particular day I felt like channeling my inner Penny Lane and got really into it. Not one to be too grungy, I dressed up the…

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  • pre fall 

    pre fall 

    As soon as retailers begin getting in their fall merchandise and blowing out the warm weather clothes, I realize my favourite season is already halfway done. This year it even seems like summer is over before it started, but that does mean a killer set of pre-fall outfits to enjoy. The silk slip dress will…

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  • leather pants 

    leather pants 

    Leather pants are one of those surprise staples you never know you need until you try. I wear them 10x more than I wear regular leggings, because they are just as easy but make me feel hot instead of lazy. They are best with cozy sweaters, but can be dressed up for work with a…

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  • how repeating an outfit makes it better

    how repeating an outfit makes it better

          You know those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear? When I can’t figure it out I usually start my morning on the wrong foot (and running late…) but finding the “right” outfit never fails to make me feel more confident and ready to go for the day ahead. If…

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  • looking back on 2015

    looking back on 2015

    What a  year it has been! January marks 1 year on pantsthatsuck, and I thought I would take this moment to look back through some of the outfits I’ve featured in that time. It’s a strange and wonderful thing to have a catalogue of pretty much everything you wore for 365 days, and to be…

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  • comfort and style

    comfort and style

                    Two of the most important things while I’m getting dressed. Although I love some looks that aren’t the most wearer friendly, I don’t often opt for putting something on I don’t feel good in. That’s why you see me on here in a lot of sneakers, booties and oversized everything. The…

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  • winter whites 

    winter whites 

                           I’m not sure where the saying that you can’t wear white after labour day came from, but I’m not buying it. I think white looks crisp and fresh in all seasons, and these pants with a sweater, coat and booties are totally fall appropriate. As you all know I am…

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  • sneakers with everything 

    sneakers with everything 

             Anyone reading this blog knows I love to be comfortable. There is no better way to do this than by wearing sneakers. Now that the fashion world has totally accepted this casual shoe as something more than just gym attire, it’s easy to put your feet first and still look stylish. When…

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