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  • sleek and sophisticated basics

    sleek and sophisticated basics

    I often feel like wearing the same old comfy basics, so luckily it just takes a few details to kick that casual outfit up a notch. Blue jeans, a white tee and a ponytail may be the girl-next-door stand by, but with a crepe blazer and and pointy toe mules they suddenly become grown up…

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  • stan smith

    stan smith

          I’m probably the last fashion blogger on earth to score these kicks, but I was patiently waiting until my old sneakers moved from fashionable to sloppy before I could justify another pair. Nothing says summer like bright white, and this is a trend has only gained momentum + wide-spread acceptance in the fashion…

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  • denim shirt

    denim shirt

          As I’ve mentioned before, I have had the hardest time finding the perfect denim shirt. it  has been one of those versatile classics I’ve always kept an eye out for because I love how many ways you can style them. This purchase was the culmination of a 3+ year search, which seems crazy but I…

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  • stress shopping

    stress shopping

                           There is something magic about pumps that even these low block heels can still make me feel wonderfully feminine. Maybe it’s just the classic shape (or the fact that I’ve stepped away from it in favour of booties, sneakers and wedges the past few years) but I am…

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  • oversized denim jacket 

    oversized denim jacket 

     Denim jackets are a key layering piece in my spring wardrobe. I have two, and though I probably wear my cropped, more neutral one more, this one steals the spotlight whenever it gets some airtime. I picked it up a few years ago from the men’s section at a vintage store after searching high and low…

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  • how to wear a slip dress for day

    how to wear a slip dress for day

       For the past few seasons they’ve slowly migrated out from underneath your clothes and taken a life of their own, but you may not think of a slip dress as being a very versatile piece. My decision to purchase one came after having the realization that I could wear it just as easily for…

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  • april showers 

    april showers 

                   After all that beautiful sunshine, we are back to a typical Vancouver spring. The much cooler temperatures and looming rain clouds are a rough reminder that the summer preview we’d been having was all too temporary. On the bright side, this reality check is making me even more excited for my trip…

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  • sexy back 

    sexy back 

       There is just something special about a seemingly office appropriate dress that surprises you with a fantastic cut out back. I’m all about multi-use, and this dress takes me from work (with a sleeveless blazer) right into dinner or drinks without batting an eyelash. It’s lady-like but also a little flirty. The pattern even…

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  • easy like sunday morning

    easy like sunday morning

       Summer is coming! And with that lovely sunshine begins the season of easy dressing. No more forced bundling up, no more thick coats, and you can even skip the socks if you feel like it. There is nothing better than when you get up, quickly pull together an outfit and just walk out the…

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  • the shoes make the outfit

    the shoes make the outfit

       Even before I managed a shoe store, I knew what a key role they played in each and every outfit. Putting on a great pair of shoes is the quickest way to elevate whatever you’re wearing, and on the flip side, nothing will undermine your style more than  a scuffed up pair of kicks.…

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