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  • not so prairie girl

    not so prairie girl

    This combo of a floaty, loose peasant dress paired with sneakers got me through most of my days back home in Toronto last week. I could not believe how hot it was – I guess a few years in Vancouver make you forget about humidity and temperatures above 30 degrees.  This dress was perfect for…

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  • how to make the perfect denim cut offs

    how to make the perfect denim cut offs

    I’ve never understood how cut offs can be over $100…luckily all you need to make them yourself for less is an old pair of jeans and some sharp scissors. I’d recommend Value Village for a good selection of affordable second hand denim. Go with something a little bit roomy in the hip and leg area for…

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  • how to get your money’s worth with fast fashion

    how to get your money’s worth with fast fashion

    Although there is no denying I like the finer things in life, some of the staple pieces in my closet are surprisingly not ones I had to save for. There are expensive things (like this vintage Chanel) which I bought planning to keep forever, but the longevity and quality of a few pieces I have…

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  • comfort zone

    comfort zone

    Everyone has a sartorial safe zone they don’t stray too far from. It could be in sneakers and yoga gear or designer labels, but most of us will fall into a pattern of dressing that is convenient and just feels right. It might be a certain cut or a particular colour that you pick up again…

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  • uniform


    For the past year and a half, I have had a predominantly black dress code at work. Prior to that grey was my ride or die, but not being able to wear it at my job brought things to a stand still. As you know I’m a firm believer in having multi-purpose clothes, which really just ended up meant…

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  • some kind of summer 

    some kind of summer 

    The calendar is telling me it’s summer, but I’m having a hard time believing it with the excess of crummy weather we’ve been having. When the sun finally came out, luckily I was right by the water and able to enjoy it. Vancouver really is a beautiful city and I try to take a moment…

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  • knee high gladiator DIY

    knee high gladiator DIY

          I have a pair of gladiator sandals from last summer, but this year I felt like they were falling a little short. When I bought them, I was looking for a pair that tied up to the knee but the price and being practical led me to go for ankle height. I do love…

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  • making your own coord set

    making your own coord set

             One of the most adorable and easy looks of summer is rocking a coord set. Usually they are made up of a crop and skirt/shorts, the two pieces matching perfectly together and showing just enough skin to cut the sweetness. There are some really cute ones out there, but skip the questionable…

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  • how to wear a neck scarf

    how to wear a neck scarf

             This season the silk neck scarf has been popping up all over the blogsphere and probably clogging up a fair bit of your instagram feed. It’s an easy and versatile trend, which can elevate even the most simple looks without much effort. But as with most fashion trends, it may leave you…

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  • seeing double

    seeing double

    Sometimes I fall hard for a fabric. Whether it’s denim, knit jersey or this ultra soft grey modal, when I love something I’m not afraid to double up. These pieces are lightweight enough for summer, and are fairing well on my trip to Mexico. Both made the cut as last minute additions to my suitcase –…

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