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  • Winter Wardrobe Essentials

    Winter Wardrobe Essentials

    Brrrr it’s cold out there! I’ve been freezing my butt off through this unusual cold snap. Sartorially, there is nothing harder than looking put together when it’s snowing. The past few weeks I have been rocking my oh-so-stylish massive men’s down jacket on the daily and definitely not looking my best. Hopefully things have taken […]

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  • pre fall 

    pre fall 

    As soon as retailers begin getting in their fall merchandise and blowing out the warm weather clothes, I realize my favourite season is already halfway done. This year it even seems like summer is over before it started, but that does mean a killer set of pre-fall outfits to enjoy. The silk slip dress will […]

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  • leather pants 

    leather pants 

    Leather pants are one of those surprise staples you never know you need until you try. I wear them 10x more than I wear regular leggings, because they are just as easy but make me feel hot instead of lazy. They are best with cozy sweaters, but can be dressed up for work with a […]

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  • 6 reasons to shop consignment

    6 reasons to shop consignment

    I just did a little closet clear-out, so yesterday I donated a bunch of clothes and took the cream of the crop to Front and Company to consign. Being that we are halfway through summer (and they are still accepting seasonal pieces until the end of the month), I thought it was a good time to be […]

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  • comfort zone

    comfort zone

    Everyone has a sartorial safe zone they don’t stray too far from. It could be in sneakers and yoga gear or designer labels, but most of us will fall into a pattern of dressing that is convenient and just feels right. It might be a certain cut or a particular colour that you pick up again […]

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  • uniform


    For the past year and a half, I have had a predominantly black dress code at work. Prior to that grey was my ride or die, but not being able to wear it at my job brought things to a stand still. As you know I’m a firm believer in having multi-purpose clothes, which really just ended up meant […]

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  • sleek and sophisticated basics

    sleek and sophisticated basics

    I often feel like wearing the same old comfy basics, so luckily it just takes a few details to kick that casual outfit up a notch. Blue jeans, a white tee and a ponytail may be the girl-next-door stand by, but with a crepe blazer and and pointy toe mules they suddenly become grown up […]

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  • some kind of summer 

    some kind of summer 

    The calendar is telling me it’s summer, but I’m having a hard time believing it with the excess of crummy weather we’ve been having. When the sun finally came out, luckily I was right by the water and able to enjoy it. Vancouver really is a beautiful city and I try to take a moment […]

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  • stan smith

    stan smith

          I’m probably the last fashion blogger on earth to score these kicks, but I was patiently waiting until my old sneakers moved from fashionable to sloppy before I could justify another pair. Nothing says summer like bright white, and this is a trend has only gained momentum + wide-spread acceptance in the fashion […]

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  • knee high gladiator DIY

    knee high gladiator DIY

          I have a pair of gladiator sandals from last summer, but this year I felt like they were falling a little short. When I bought them, I was looking for a pair that tied up to the knee but the price and being practical led me to go for ankle height. I do love […]

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