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  • denim skirt

    denim skirt

    Sometimes I get fashion inspiration from blogs, magazines and clothing stores, but a lot of the time I also see girls around the city who are doing it so right and get ideas from them. Last week at work another manager and I helped a young woman who was wearing a light denim skirt, which […]

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  • obsessed


    Dogs are really curious around cameras… I keep putting together outfits that are comprised mainly of things from Aritzia. Kind of a Vancouver uniform I guess! I’ve mentioned before I am kind of obsessed with their Wilfred Free knit dress, skirts, tops, rompers etc etc etc. I honestly cannot help myself from reaching for those […]

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  • short skirt and a long jacket

    short skirt and a long jacket

    If you have a dog you may have heard of chuck-it, the best invention ever for tiring out your active dog very, very quickly. They are bright orange and make you basically a ball throwing super hero. But maybe only if you have as good form as I do. And it helps to have a […]

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