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  • leather pants 

    leather pants 

    Leather pants are one of those surprise staples you never know you need until you try. I wear them 10x more than I wear regular leggings, because they are just as easy but make me feel hot instead of lazy. They are best with cozy sweaters, but can be dressed up for work with a […]

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  • 6 reasons to shop consignment

    6 reasons to shop consignment

    I just did a little closet clear-out, so yesterday I donated a bunch of clothes and took the cream of the crop to Front and Company to consign. Being that we are halfway through summer (and they are still accepting seasonal pieces until the end of the month), I thought it was a good time to be […]

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  • comfort zone

    comfort zone

    Everyone has a sartorial safe zone they don’t stray too far from. It could be in sneakers and yoga gear or designer labels, but most of us will fall into a pattern of dressing that is convenient and just feels right. It might be a certain cut or a particular colour that you pick up again […]

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  • the shoes make the outfit

    the shoes make the outfit

       Even before I managed a shoe store, I knew what a key role they played in each and every outfit. Putting on a great pair of shoes is the quickest way to elevate whatever you’re wearing, and on the flip side, nothing will undermine your style more than  a scuffed up pair of kicks. […]

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  • off the shoulder 

    off the shoulder 

             One of the silhouettes I have been waiting all winter to try out is off the shoulder.  l love how feminine and sexy they are without actually showing off much of anything. It’s a girly look already so I reached for black to tone that down, plus a trench since the weather […]

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  • mind the gap

    mind the gap

                As a teenager and young adult I was never afraid of showing a little skin. I worked for American Apparel from age 17 – 20, and the brand  image (plus being surrounded by pretty young things dressing likewise) certainly cemented in me a very bold attitude about what I wore. After a […]

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  • vacation mode

    vacation mode

               How can anyone be in a bad mood when it’s 28 degrees outside in February? Though I know this is not the seasonal norm in Santa Barbara- I am making the most of it. Our hotel has an amazing pool where I spent the afternoon, but this morning I busied myself shopping […]

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  • basic beaches – vacation essentials 

    basic beaches – vacation essentials 

                  Everyone has their own packing style. Some plan outfits, some bring it all and some take as little as possible and hope for the best. I’m somewhere between A and B, starting with the best intentions of planning and then end up throwing in other things the night before I leave. […]

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  • fall preview

    fall preview

                         Fall is probably my favourite season to play around with colour. Each year mustard and burgundy come out in full force to celebrate the change in temperatures and autumn leaves. Oversized sweaters are a staple in my wardrobe, and this particular cut from Zara is among my most worn. Usually […]

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  • romper


                    Let me start by saying I usually hate rompers. Probably something to do with being tall, but they never, ever fit. Most have an elastic/cinched waist that just keeps pulling the shorts up, and does a horrible job of looking flattering.  This romper has none of that! It’s basically just a […]

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