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  • travel guide to sayulita, mexico

    travel guide to sayulita, mexico

    My guide to Sayulita, Mexico from our trip in October, 2019! Follow along on our vacation and see my recommendations on where to eat, stay and surf in this beautiful beach town.

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  • leather pants 

    leather pants 

    Leather pants are one of those surprise staples you never know you need until you try. I wear them 10x more than I wear regular leggings, because they are just as easy but make me feel hot instead of lazy. They are best with cozy sweaters, but can be dressed up for work with a […]

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  • best of june

    best of june

    Summer is now in full swing and June was a busy, busy month for me! It might not have been a very active one online, but I ended my job, started school, and we also had a friend staying with us. Being swamped at work, enjoying those sunny moments and trying to have a social […]

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  • some kind of summer 

    some kind of summer 

    The calendar is telling me it’s summer, but I’m having a hard time believing it with the excess of crummy weather we’ve been having. When the sun finally came out, luckily I was right by the water and able to enjoy it. Vancouver really is a beautiful city and I try to take a moment […]

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  • oversized denim jacket 

    oversized denim jacket 

     Denim jackets are a key layering piece in my spring wardrobe. I have two, and though I probably wear my cropped, more neutral one more, this one steals the spotlight whenever it gets some airtime. I picked it up a few years ago from the men’s section at a vintage store after searching high and low […]

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  • making your own coord set

    making your own coord set

             One of the most adorable and easy looks of summer is rocking a coord set. Usually they are made up of a crop and skirt/shorts, the two pieces matching perfectly together and showing just enough skin to cut the sweetness. There are some really cute ones out there, but skip the questionable […]

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  • recycle


                 I’ve always been one of those people who falls into a bit of a fashion cycle. Or maybe a recycle? I get into a routine of wearing the same things for a few days, especially when I don’t have work or many plans. Usually these outfits are comfy, simple and fairly […]

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  • early summer essentials 

    early summer essentials 

        It might only be May but it really feels like summer around here! I spent yesterday lounging by the pool reading and today I even wore these shorts to work because it was so hot.  1) Lightweight Sweater  Perfect for summer layering when mornings or nights get a little chilly. Great when the air con […]

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  • date night

    date night

    This is what I wore last night for an impromptu date night. Neither of us felt like cooking, so I got into this flowy dress and out of my work clothes as fast as I could and we were off to Cactus Club. Home and in bed by 9:30pm. Why do days feel so long […]

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  • simply simple

    simply simple

      Clean lines and basic pieces can be easy, versatile and stylish. As I begin to pack for my trip, I am visualizing a whole suitcase full of simple looks like this one I can mix and match or transition from day to night. I always pack too much, and never even wear half of it. […]

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