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  • romper


                    Let me start by saying I usually hate rompers. Probably something to do with being tall, but they never, ever fit. Most have an elastic/cinched waist that just keeps pulling the shorts up, and does a horrible job of looking flattering.  This romper has none of that! It’s basically just a […]

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  • how to wear athletic slides

    how to wear athletic slides

    I have been seeing nike or adidas slides all over the place, and love how something so casual is fashionable and can be worn in such a different way than I’m used to. For years I was always the most dressed up, wearing heels and skirts when everyone else was in leggings and t-shirts. Now […]

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  • four-eyes


    I’ve had to wear glasses since I was in grade school – but I’ve been choosing contacts for the past ten years. Every. Single. Day. It hurts your eyes after awhile. But, glasses are expensive and picking frames is a nightmare. However, having my benefits kick in at work finally gave me the nudge I […]

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