I’ve always been one of those people who falls into a bit of a fashion cycle. Or maybe a recycle? I get into a routine of wearing the same things for a few days, especially when I don’t have work or many plans. Usually these outfits are comfy, simple and fairly neutral. This get-up that I’ve been wearing the past two days is no exception.

Denim on denim meets all the guidelines for a new uniform, it’s easy to wear, classic and relaxed. Great for running errands or just hanging out on your days off. I’ve been searching for the perfect denim button down, but I have yet to find it. This one was just a cheap buy at Forever 21 from a few years ago, and it only looks good undone. It’s also a little too western for my liking…I’m after a plain denim shirt with clean lines. But for the time being, and especially layered under my favourite coat, it does the trick.

I’m still riding on that new white t-shirt high from this staple I picked up before my trip to Mexico. Once I washed it the v-neck got super stretched out in the most perfect, slouchy way. The best base layer for this (and almost any) look! I may be back to my white and black tomorrow but for now I get to enjoy these blues.

Jacket: Aritzia, Shirt: Forever 21, more simple version here, T-Shirt: Zara, Jeans: TopShop, Booties: Ecco

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