a simple look for the holidays you probably already own

 This time of year can lead to last minute invitations, multiple family events and lot of parties. It helps to have a few easy looks to fall back on for the holidays, particularly if you can create them with items you already have in your closet. Or maybe ones you got for Christmas/bought on Boxing Day!

The situations that can be the hardest to dress for in my world are ones with coworkers, your significant other’s family or anyone else you may want to keep up a good impression around. That being said, it is the holidays so you still want to have fun and not look too stuffy even in those situations!

In order to appear put together and more polished I try to stay a bit modest. I stay covered up on top if I’m wearing a shorter skirt, and throw on tights too just to be safe. An over-sized, soft wool or cashmere cardigan is a great staple which makes this outfit more casual and comfy. Perfect for if your host keeps their house a little chillier than you’re used to as well!

If you have to bring a purse, a small cross-body works best since it won’t get in the way at a party. I’m not a huge jewelry person but I love a bold men’s watch to add some shine in an unexpected way. I think most women own a pair of little black booties that look good with almost every outfit- these ones even have a touch of festive sparkle and have been such an asset this year.

Sweater: Aritzia, Skirt: Aritzia, Top: Aritzia, Shoes: Ecco, Bag: Similar here, luxe here, Watch: Similar here


2 responses to “a simple look for the holidays you probably already own”

    • Thanks! No I didn’t actually. Everything I want was only like $2-$5 off so I skipped it this year. Waiting for the warehouse sale!! Glad you scored some stuff though…love getting those packages in the mail.

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