sleeveless knit 

 Today was a really laid back day. It was my birthday yesterday and even though I didn’t do anything crazy all the excitement of the day still wore me out. Since my plans were all about relaxing, I just wanted to be comfy and of course get to wear a new birthday present.

Until I tried it on, I wasn’t 100% sold on the practicality of the sleeveless knit. No matter how warm Vancouver is comparatively, I still live in Canada and as such, kind of need sleeves on most occasions.  However, once I saw the pockets and it was all over. One of my favourite features of this sweater is the lower neckline and arm holes. Just enough so show a hint of lace bralette but not too scandalous since it’s still so cozy looking.

I’m quite pleased to say it actually is a versatile piece, since without the bulk and bunching I sometimes have with a long sleeve, it’s great under anything. I’m also excited to see how it layers over-top of dresses or other tops.

I threw on my camel pea coat to keep warm in our continuous drizzle, and put my hair up to avoid dealing with damp strands in my face all day. Stretchy jeans and cushy boots meant I was feeling great all day long. Love being super comfy when it’s gross and raining out.

Sleeveless Knit: Aritzia, Coat: LL Bean, Jeans: TopShop, Boots: Ecco, Bag: Alexander Wang

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