One of my favourite things to play around with in fashion is contrast. I find it can keep my outfits looking fresh + exciting, and prevent me from looking overly formal or casual. Pairing sneakers with a fuller, midi skirt and designer bag just makes the latter seem more everyday and the sneakers seem more chic. Mixing it up is the new norm, and it completely eradicates the old nightmare of being over or under dressed. 

My only advice with this is to make sure it looks intentional. Think elevating your sneakers with a well put together outfit rather than an excuse to wear your dirty gym shoes with everything. Even if it takes a little extra upkeep (magic eraser works great to keep those soles bright white!) the comfort is so worth it. I find the looks I’m most drawn to have a really obvious contrast (such as runners with girly dresses or dress pants) but bust out those sneakers and see what works for you. 

Shoes: Ecco Intrinsic, Sweater: Zara, similar here on sale, Skirt: similar from Forever 21, Bag: Chloe


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