best of june

Summer is now in full swing and June was a busy, busy month for me! It might not have been a very active one online, but I ended my job, started school, and we also had a friend staying with us. Being swamped at work, enjoying those sunny moments and trying to have a social life meant I neglected the blog for the first time ever! Normally writing on here is a solace for me, but this month has been pretty creatively dry and I didn’t want to force it. It’s funny, a lot of my favourite bloggers have been on a little break or having some kind of posting interruption too, so there could just be a general lack of inspo floating around! I have tons of posts planned for July, so don’t you worry.

Things are getting back to normal now that I have a set schedule and regular days off, so it’s the perfect time to bring you my second monthly feature – here’s the best of June:

Stan Smiths


My white sneakers were dead so I replaced them with these sparkling clean (for now!) beauties. I am being so, so careful where I step and loving how these look with almost everything. I will ride the sneaker craze until the bitter end because you can’t beat being comfy.


I bought a sewing machine off Craigslist for $25 and have been re-learing how to make + alter clothes. So far I have made a couple of unsuccessful swimsuits and the one above that actually turned out. If it looks familiar it’s because I was inspired by an expensive one I didn’t want to spring for!


I hadn’t gotten my nails done since October last year, but after giving my fingers an extended manni break I am back on the shellac train. I cannot stand having chipped nails and gel is the only thing that stays pretty working retail. Nails are a small luxury that makes me feel so much more put together, so they are back in the budget! As a bonus I also got treated to a mani at the new Pure Beauty Bar location on Marine Drive this month and discovered the perfect nude you see above. I usually stick with super dark colours but lighter is pretty for summer.




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